Toxic Family Update

Well remember my last post about limited contact with toxic family members? Sometimes you can’t limit it. Especially when they try hard to inch their way back into your life. I don’t know how people can deal with family like this. Even I struggle with trying to just being nice.

Some would say I’m being fake but in reality I’m trying to avoid another period of “not speaking terms.” Some would same I should just go with not speaking terms. Trust me I want to. Yet I know it bothers my other siblings. So I just try to be cautious. Though this time her bad habits of borrowing are coming back. Maybe this time would be the time everyone distances themselves but it’s hard when there are minors involved.

does this sound like a trustful person? She goes around to each and everyone of us and some friends and asks to borrow money. She always asks us not to tell the other siblings/friends because she is afraid of being judged. Not only is this type of person not trustworthy but obviously lacks sincerity.

I’m still limiting contact because I know she will eventually ask me for money again. It’s like she isn’t listening when I say I have my own bills to pay. My husband and I work together to keep me working part time outside & at home so everyone cent matters to us. Especially when I am due soon.


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