Pregnancy Update: Preparation

I’m 28 weeks tomorrow. Crazy huh? 3 months away to meet my son. We already have a baby pile purchased from us and gifts from family and friends. Now it’s all a matter of just getting our home ready.

First thing we want to do is to FINALLY do our floors. We need to replaced the carpets with new carpets/laminate. Our floor sales specialist already quoted us $5,000. Though we want to get carpet that is great for pets. Our 3 kitties have done some damage to the current floors. I imagine dogs (for future tenants for when we move out) will do worse.

Setting up Baby’s room is our second priority. My husband and I decided he will sleep in our room for at least 6-9 months. Of course not in bed with us due to him (husband) moving a lot. The baby will sleep in a pack n play for now. I read and heard from many moms who admit they rarely used the crib. Maybe we would save money by getting a toddler bed in the future instead. Also this way we will have two extra guestrooms for the time being. Perfect for when family visits.

I’m also at that point where I’m back to being tired all over again. I don’t know how moms who work full time do it. My to do list is incomplete more often than before.



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