Pregnancy Update: The Baby Shower

So my husband was hinting to my sister that a surprise baby shower wouldn’t work for us. I think she thought about it and she finally asked me when I wanted it. I think surprise baby showers are fine for some people but for us it just wouldn’t work. Especially since my sister and I don’t exactly mingle in the same social circle. Yet I love her for planning to throw one.

I actually didn’t really care if we didn’t have a baby shower. We just sold our town home and made a nice profit. So buying stuff for the baby wasn’t a huge problem. If a baby shower didn’t happen we were going to do one of those Meet The Baby BBQ. I told people we were going to do that and we were fine with it since it wasn’t some fancy shindig. Now since there is a baby shower happening we are not going to do the Meet The Baby BBQ. I’m paying just a small part of the baby shower but I’d rather put most of the money we set aside for the baby. Doing another party is just overkill for us. The preparation of food, and the clean up, and cleaning up our house is a stress we don’t need if we are already having a baby shower.

Since my sister is still peeved I didn’t want a bridal shower years ago( My mother died a few months before the wedding so I was still depress about the situation) I feel she may be compensating for that. Haha that’s ok. It’s a much smaller circle of people to handle and this one is Co-Ed. It’s mostly my family and a few friends who I think might be interested in going ( I can’t exactly invite my drunk friends, there isn’t any alcohol served).

Now we can tell people what date the shower is and I’m glad my husband’s father is thinking of flying/driving for the baby shower. It is still sort of a surprise because I don’t have much planning input. I’m glad I don’t at this point because we are still in the process of getting our floors done.

Haaaa…. I must have pregnancy brain because I forgot about the whole packing the small things in boxes in each room for the guys to move the furniture.



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