I’m Ignoring My eBay Side Business

It’s no secret that the majority of what I contribute financially is from eBay (aside from my very part time job). Currently it has been low on my priority list. I was discussing this with my husband. Even though I don’t have to worry about the bills that came with the townhome anymore, I knew we had a financial goal of saving a big down payment on our next vehicle purchase in a few years. For the first few months after the dust settled down after the holidays, townhome sale, etc, I was still contributing about  $300 into our savings even when my hours were cut and sales were slowly dipping down.

Now I didn’t realize I had to stop listing on eBay. Oh I’m still selling, but I can’t list. With our floors in the middle of being done, we are arranging our furniture to be moved around for the floor people. Since I’m in my third trimester I can’t lift as long or as much as I use too. Actually after about an hour or two I need a nap. I also can’t thrift for new things until our home is back in order. By the time I can go shopping for inventory I will be too big to go do one of my shopping trips. So I think I have to wait for at least until the end of April to finally get the ball rolling for my eBay business. I also will have to catch a break from my part time job too. I make maybe a couple hundred dollars a month with my part time job. A little break won’t hurt too much from them.

The big plus in this little break from “eBaying” is that my eBay room finally has some space! I’m really happy that I was able to get rid of some dead inventory and decide what organization works for me. I have a feeling when I get back to listing and thrifting, I will be happier. I’m still organizing things. Going through every item I purchased has led me to reflect on what I should start buying more and less.


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