Pregnancy Update: Gestational Diabetes

It happened to me everyone. I have gestational diabetes and it has hit me pretty hard. I’m not too surprised. Diabetes run in my family (my mother rest her soul, and my sister has it). Ok I have to admit I was freaking out. It’s not like I living a super healthy lifestyle & diet but I didn’t show signs of it and during my earlier lab tests nothing came up.

Then when my third trimester came around it was BAD. I already knew what was considered bad blood sugar levels because of those years of taking care of my mom. I was scared. Very scared also made by the fact that they are saying my baby boy is big because of it. Sometimes I wonder if they are forgetting my 6’4 husband standing next to me and just want to scare me to take all these tests.

Actually I almost wanted to smack the ultrasound Doctor because she was mentioning all these risks for still births, big baby, etc. They even labeled me obese in my medical file. I was actually peeved at that. Technically NOW with all the baby weight gain I am obese but before I was overweight. I wasn’t the same size as I was in high school but I am a size 10/12.

So after that I was put on insulin, met up with a nurse practitioner who talked to me about my diet (which she said wasn’t too bad but I have to make some minor changes). I guess I was stressed out because even my blood pressure started climbing. Then I started hearing “bed rest, bed rest.” I definitely didn’t agree with them on that one. I did try lying down more often and it looked like it helped. I’m currently 34 weeks and my blood pressure is normal and I have my blood sugar levels mostly controlled throughout the day.

Now I didn’t forget about this blog. The reason why I haven’t been blogging is because sitting in any chair for long periods is quite painful for me. Plus we are making some room for the baby in our master bedroom. My husband threw away that desk I was using since it was really too big, bulky, and old. My laptop hasn’t been turned on for over a month since I don’t have a place upstairs to sit. I’m actually using my husband’s computer.

Well I hope everyone else life is going well. Financially we are ok at this point. I’m lucky I’m still selling on eBay even though my hours are work have lessened (plus I will be on leave soon). Definitely need it for all the copays for everything.


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