Unprepared For The Unexpected

Hi everyone. It’s noon here and it’s strangely pouring rain. At least my baby son finds the rain soothing so I get to take a break and update a bit. I’m actually enjoying a hot meal I was able to fix myself instead of cereal, granola bar, leftovers, etc. Now on to the topic that’s been floating in my mind. Our conscientious spending habits have come to a screaming halt since I gave birth a month ago. This means we have been spending without really looking in to how long our savings will last us.

Hospital bills, baby things, taxes getting done, prepping our home after our floors being done has really cost us some money. We didn’t mean to be unprepared. Heck after my baby shower I put it in my planner to sit down and make sure we planned most of our spending. Of course that didn’t happen because my son was born through emergency c-section a few days later. You can never be prepared for an upcoming baby. I definitely learned that for sure. All the planning in the world and something unexpected comes.

For us it’s our son being in NICU and my emergecy c-section. I was always planning to have a c-section ( recommended by my doctor) but at 34 weeks I still didn’t go through consultation in terms of the recovery and care. My son being in NICU for over two weeks was unexpected too. Because of the two my recovery is something I needed to get use to, and now I’m dealing with premie issues plus not being able to breast feed as I planned.

Bills starting coming in and then to top it off we didn’t get as much back as I thought with our tax return. So what should we do? Well the only thing I can think of is start with how much money to start bringing in. I just opened my ebay store back up after closing it for a month. Hopefully that will help a bit. We also started setting aside ( using tax refund) money for upcoming bills such as doctor appointments, and car insurance. We also started thinking about each purchase and see what we really need. Our grocery list is only the bare minimum at this point, and plus we only buy what we truly need right now for our baby. Which is mostly diapers, wipes, and some OTC meds. Next is to plan what we REALLY need to save for. Our plan to purchase a car in the next few years is still in the picture but smaller purchases such as a new computer desk is up there too.

We haven’t sat down to plan but on my husband’s day off we will probably trek over to our favorite coffee shop and chat about it. I usually handle most of the planning but I also ask my husband’s input because he is the one bringing in the main income.


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One thought on “Unprepared For The Unexpected

  1. ourmaybebaby April 12, 2016 at 3:01 am Reply

    I feel you girl! I ended up with an infection in my c-section incision and had a second surgery. Not exactly in my budget…and I wasn’t able to breastfeed like I planned either. Formula is a killer, isn’t it? Our money should just bypass our bank account and go straight to Target! Hope things look up for you soon!

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