More Unexpected Bills

Our cat Jager is in the pet hospital right now. Our current bill is at $1500. No I did not put an extra 0. That truly is our bill and it isn’t even surgery. It’s mostly daily blood tests and boarding. Having this and the baby has definitely stressed us out a bit. Our savings is currently at $5,600 but of course it will go down (trying not to tap in to our mutual fund)

I’m thinking of doing a sort of weekly financial tracking for this blog. I mean the perks of this is:

1) I’m doing a more accurate tracking of our money.

2) I will probably figure out how much we can save per month.

3) This will see where I can truly cut down on areas to save more money.

Except I’m hesitant because:

1) The whole tracking down of our money will drive my husband and I batty. Heck it drove me batty when I did it when I was single.

2) I will probably beat myself up if I don’t update weekly. I did the monthly savings almost for a year and even then I wasn’t consistent. I wasn’t updating on specific dates.

Maybe I should start with baby steps. Perhaps do one for 12 weeks?  I should start somewhere.


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