Talking Myself Out Of Buying Things

If there is a bad habit I wish I could get rid off is shopping online. Heck even just browsing online is such a time waster. I just love a good deal!  I’m always, ALWAYS going between eBay & Amazon for things to see who is cheaper. Then I decide my purchase on who lives in the country, feedback, etc. For example today. I just spent a friggin 1.5 hours ..get this… researching on a diaper bag. HAHAHA… and I have a perfectly good one I’m using right now.

I figure this is a treat for myself but I would rather wait until I feel comfortable spending over $100 on a diaper bag. Why so much?  Well I like the print and the brand seems to have great feedback on versatility and quality (two things I look for in a good bag). Plus it looked like a bag I can use everyday once I stop carrying so much baby stuff.

Oh I definitely had the urge to buy the bag. This is what goes on in my mind .

“Don’t buy it! Don’t buy it! Must put some savings first before buying! It’s so pretty and I could be more organize though. NO no NO! I can wait. I can even get it gently used eventually. Plus Mother’s Day is coming. This could be a gift to myself! Wait, stop using that excuse to buy things..AGAIN.”

This always goes through my head every time I have the urge to buy something. Hey a big pat on the back for me. I will wait and see when I can get it one sale or in gently used condition. I always feel better when I wait.



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