Cracking Open The Planner Again

I’ve always used a planner. Ever since middle school I loved buying them. Back then though it was more of my love of Sanrio products. From high school to today, it really is crucial to get my life together. I don’t always use them for all 12 months. Some months I develop a routine and stop using it. Though last week I returned to my part time job and have been having trouble prioritizing things at home. I usually use my phone to schedule appointments and such but there is something about planner formats that help me oversee the overall goals for the week.

I’m so glad I started using it. I keep it downstairs by the laptop with a pen so it can easily be pulled out to be written in to. At the end of last week I felt much better getting things done. It’s probably because it let me see what I was able to do. After I gave birth, it felt like I wasn’t getting very much done. This way I felt better seeing I do get many things done.

I was overwhelmed that returning to work would really stress me out but with the help of my husband and being prepared the day before helped. I still don’t finish everything plan. That’s ok. I always remind myself what one of my professors told me. “If you are getting everything done in a day, you are not doing enough.” This comes from a person who I admire for achieving major goals in her life. She’s not humanly perfect but she is very reliable and a bit of an overachiever.


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