Saving On Baby Formula


This isn’t really a tips post but I just wanted to share my excitement on saving big on baby formula recently. I’m sure you heard it before “baby formula is liquid gold, baby formula is expensive, etc.” My baby son is currently drinking a brand name formula (Similac) at the moment. I always buy from our local Target because they seem to offer a free target gift card.

I remember in the past I posted I didn’t think I was ever EVER going to need breast feeding classes. I didn’t even go to the one that was offered for free from my insurance. I know. Karma hit me. I’m currently not breastfeeding. I’m barely even breast pumping a whole bottle a day for my son. I was never opposed to formula feeding. I wasn’t one of those moms who thought that formula is poison. Though I was opposed to spending money on something I could do for free since I technically decide my own schedule ( I work from home, & part-time).

I tried breastfeeding. My son was even latching properly. The problem was I really wasn’t producing enough milk. After pumping 8 times a day for weeks, talking to several lactation consultant ( a fancy term for booby experts), plus drinking that weird tasting mother’s milk tea, I was tired. My milk never really came. If I would have tried to feed my son just on my breast milk he would lose weight and cry constantly. So I do rely on baby formula for the majority of his diet. Which means I’m at Target at least twice a month opening my wallet.

Recently I’ve just begun saving formula coupons, signing up for formula checks, and basically looking out for sales in the Target weekly circulars. I’m lucky my son isn’t extremely sensitive to formula. He just has to have the one that helps with gas and tummy aches. I actually mix enfamil & similac together (one way I’m trying to use the samples up).

Last week I definitely scored for sure. I bought 3 big cans ( 2 Similac, 1 Enfamil) + 1 6pk nursettes at get 45% off store retail. How did I do this? I had a formula check for each item, 1 catalina for  $10 off a can, coupons, plus a  $10 gift card from the last time I bought formula. I’m not listing the price since each store prices their items differently. I think it was roughly  $50 though for 3 big cans + 1 6pk nursettes That’s like getting one can for free plus the nursettes I bought. All of that is probably good enough for 1.5 months.


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