Progress Turning Into Routine

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It’s been a couple of weeks now since I started using my planner again. I know it’s time for me to add more things to do when what I was struggling before turns in to  a routine of overcoming it effortlessly. For example I have a ritual usually on Sunday mornings now of sitting in front of the computer with my phone in hand. I still keep track of appointments through my phone and I use the computer to check on my work schedule and just do research on random things related to things I need done.

For the past few weeks I’m happy to report I’ve been:

(1) Working out. Not as much as I use to before I was pregnant, but I will get there.

(2) Going to my part time job. This may seem silly to most, but I have very flexible hours. Because of this I easily tend to put things off last minute. Bad habit and can easily lose money this way too.

(3) Eating better. Ok my diet isn’t the healthiest yet, but I’ve been trying to have most of my carbs in the morning/afternoon instead of dinner time. I also started drinking atkins shake when I’m too tired to make something.

(4) Breastpumping less. I decided to stop breastpumping. This is a long story but this decision wasn’t easy. Instead I will try to breast feed my son more and make him decide if he wants it more or not. If I dry out with what little I can produce for him, then that’s what will happen. The hours I spend per day pumping what little ounces I produce just isn’t worth it to me anymore. I’d rather start listing more, and playing more with him. Perhaps even get all my chores finish and start on other home projects (organizing my son’s room is one of them).

(5) Sort of started listing regularly. My son is currently my priority so listing is usually 2nd or even 3rd priority.

(6) Have enough money for an upcoming bill that week. Ever since I sold my town home, I had less bills to pay. Now it’s student loans, target card, credit card, and insurance bills. My husband handles the rest mostly automatically through his account. Thinking of a bill due the following week is definitely a motivator to sell/make money.

If you’re wondering what planner I use, I like momagenda planners. They also have ones without the momagenda title. I’ve been using them even before I became a parent. I wish I had something similar to this format when I was in school/working full time.


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