Ibotta, Checkout 51, Returning To Couponing


You would have thought a frugal gal like myself was using apps such as Ibotta & Checkout 51. No I wasn’t. In a way I’m kicking myself for not downloading it before but then again I am the type of person to wait for reviews. I’m really not the type to download new apps or anything to earning money. The only app I was sort of using was swagbucks but I stopped, focusing on my time on something else. I also decided to start couponing again. Yes my thrifty side is out and about.

It started with the decision to coupon again. I’m not sure if I wrote in the past why I stopped couponing. I did it for a while. I even amassed a nice stockpile of food and household items. Though I eventually stopped for a number of reasons.

It wasn’t worth it to me anymore because most of the coupons at the time were for junk food, and I decided out of convenience to just buy most of my household items at dollar store or when they were on sale at Costco & Target. Plus Sunday papers are ridiculously expensive here.  $3.00. I had a Subscription before and it was slightly more expensive because of delivery. This mattered because one of the ways I collected coupons was through Sunday papers. When I quit my job I thought oh I’ll subscribe to it instead of running to the store for a paper. Well I hated our main newspaper circulation. I had so many missed deliveries that I had to cancel. Even then they didn’t cancel in time for a few months that I had to get my credit card company involved.

We also stopped getting those free inserts on weekdays. Perhaps the whole couponing culture was becoming unpopular. Printing coupons seems like a good idea but I had problems redeeming them in the past. Not so many problems but it was starting to get annoying when a cashier had to tell me it’s not working. I resolved to just shop sales and specials instead. This worked out fine for us because it was affordable for two people.

Now with a baby comes unexpected purchases. Frequently. I always knew new parents are highly targeted by retailers because they will spend money no matter the circumstances on kids. Kids sick? You bet they will pay full price for OTC meds. Necessities and toys are purchased usually out of convenience. I never understood why until I had my own child. We are the type of parents that will sell even our home to help our baby. While we are not in that situation, I was becoming that parent just finding and buying things to make raising our child easier.

Of course this affected our wallet. It also didn’t help at this time we are spending  a little more money on special cat food. I figured I’ll coupon again and my husband thought it was a good idea. This time will be different and I will put more energy into it. I decided to buy my coupon inserts since we are not receiving weekday ones plus no way in hell am I subscribing to our newspaper again. I will share the website when I receive my order. So much cheaper than buying multiple papers. I spent  $23.00 for a new coupon binder and coupon inserts. Not a bad initial investment.

As for the Apps. I only decided to download them because I’ve been reading krazy coupon lady. They included those apps with their savings. Surprisingly those apps they include with how to save was easy to use. I downloaded ibotta and just downloaded checkout51. Already I have credit in ibotta. Might as well use both.

I will probably blog a little more about this savings trifecta I’m doing. Oh a new category name! Savings trifecta!




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