Savings Trifecta: June 2-3

I just want to share a quick recap on how much I spent within the last two days. Since I do not have enough to cash out of Ibotta or Check 51 minimum of $20, they haven’t been claimed yet. Though it looks like I’m heading there. I received $10.50 credit for both apps just for signing up/ scanning first receipt. I paid full price for some items. Also some items were just on sale so I didn’t use coupons or the apps. Here is what $32.00 looks like.

As of June 3rd / Ibotta+ Check 51 Credit Total: $13.50  + $6.25 = $19.75

June 2nd Target Trip : $38.32

June 3rd Target Trip:  $13.43

Total: $51.75

Total With Ibotta + Check 51 Credit= $32

Things I bought

-1 Set of Arm & Hammer Laundry Bliss (2 Bottles)

-1 Planters Dessert Mix

-1 Smuckers Peanut Butter

-2 Bush’s Black Beans

-1 Dunkin Donut Creamer

-1 Package EmergenC

-1 Father’s Day Card

-10 Yoplaits Greek Yogurts

-2 Zicam Immunities

-1 Pampers Swaddlers , Smallest Package

-1 Pampers Cruisers, Smallest Package

-1 Luvs Diapers, Smallest Package


I also used Target’s cartwheel plus $15.00 in target gift cards I received from their specials. Definitely not bad considering I just started couponing and learning the apps more.




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