Just a quick update

Hello folks. I wish I had more time to blog. I have so many things I want to say but it always involves me sitting down and typing for hours. I don’t have that luxury as much for now so I will just give a quick recap on what is going on.

I’m still couponing. It is easy for me to think I wouldn’t benefit so much from couponing but I have. I don’t eat microwavable food and so there is tons of coupons I’m not using. Yet I do eat snacks. Like tons of snacks. I may not wear make-up very much yet I’m obsess with skincare. So I coupon for those. The show Extreme Couponing really only gave a one sided view of couponing. I don’t intend to stockpile for years to come but more so for at least 3-6 months. Maybe I’ll give up a tally on what I spent at the end of the month. Nothing exciting though. Unless you consider stockpiling diapers exciting.

My husband and I are still trying to pay our credit cards down. We do pay it off in full but next billing cycle still is high enough for us to take money out of our savings. Our savings is currently at $4,400. I hope it doesn’t go down much but it will. We are expecting a check for over  $2,000 from his work due to the union changing. Yet I’m trying not to rely on that because his union hasn’t always been reliable in their promises.

Well I hope June is going well. Ours is so friggin hot. Our electric bill is starting to climb. Which is also another reason why we had to take some out of our savings for that.


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