Savings Trifecta: Ignoring A “Good Deal”

One of the reasons why I wanted to start couponing was to save on food. Food is a necessity but that’s always debatable when you are buying junk food. Unfortunately I committed couponer newbie sin by buying junk.

I checked my blood sugar 6 hours after eating ice cream and it was over 200. Ouch. Just seeing that number reminded me of my horrible third trimester.  I think I might have to schedule an appointment with a doctor again soon. The last time I was in the hospital my blood sugar was back to normal. Yet now I’m still trying to get use to having my son. I also have to get use to my husband getting used to our son. Yes it is stressful here.

Aside from that, my pantry is full of stuff I normally wouldn’t buy. While my kid will be happy when he grows up with a pantry of snacks, I will not be in the best shape for him. It was such a good deal and I rationalized food is a need. Except I forgot that junk food is a want. Plus I love doritos. Also I can shovel anything coffee flavored in my mouth. I figured since I haven’t eaten things like this for months I should buy it as a “treat.” This “good deal” was turning on me.

I’m still saving on “real food.” since I’m looking at the circulars more closely. We recently scored well on baby back ribs. We were able to stock up on them for close to $2.25 a pound. While our freezer is full, I’m still trying to fill our stockpile with essentials and not just stuff I don’t use.

I will let you know if I can still coupon with a decent diet. I am stocking up on household cleaning items for super cheap though. The whole stockpile mentality already has some benefits. For the past few weeks I’ve been buying baby formula and I have at least 2 months to last us.


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