Quick Update

I know my last post was a bit sad but just letting you know I’m ok. I haven’t been able to post for various reasons. For one thing I stopped writing in my planner regularly. The only thing I write in it is work related and I really should write things home related. My son is awake more and has been requiring more of my time. I love him so much but sometimes I wish I had additional energy to thrift and list. We sure could use the money I was bringing in. Perhaps we will look in to day care once a week or so.

My husband got his raise!! Also his back pay! It was such a relief to deposit 2,000 in our savings. I just wish I wasn’t pulling money out monthly.

As for my husband and I, our relationship is still strong with struggles with him getting use to my son. I think he now realizes what a big butthead he is being. I think he realizes how I haven’t slept at all, no time for myself, and having to deal with his shitty attitude is taking a toll on me.


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