Savings Trifecta:Month And A Half Of Couponing

For the time being I am going to stop couponing. We are confortably stocked in most things we need and more. I didn’t think I would stop so soon but looking at all the things I was able to purchase is starting to overflow a little bit. To an extreme couponer they would probably laugh at my stockpile but for us it’s what works. We still saved a bunch of money too!

For this I actually purchased my coupon inserts. It seems strange to spend money on something I can get for free in the sunday paper but I have good reasons why I did purchase.

1). Sunday paper is 3 dollars and they don’t even mark them down the following weekend when they are out of date. I know. How lame. By purchasing whole inserts saves me money overall.

2). I’m able to get a quick peek on what type of coupons will be in the paper this way and when they expire. Websites I purchased whole coupon inserts from are  &   I will probably blog about my experience from both sites in the future.

3). I’m able to purchase coupons that isn’t widely available in my area which can mean better savings.

For the past month and a half I was able to save a lot of money. Granted I spent the same amount as I use to but I was bringing home more things. I was also lucky to get some things for free or literally less than $o.50. Here are some things I was able to get at that price or less.

  1. Pasta Sauce
  2. Crackers of various brands
  3. Lettuce
  4. Chobani yogurt dips
  5. Canned pineapple (my husband uses this in his cole slaw)
  6. Prenatal vitamins
  7. Cookies
  8. Baby food (oatmeal & purees)
  9. All purpose cleaners

That’s a list on top of my head.  My husband was impressed. Since we don’t have to buy a bunch of items (just mostly perishables) we don’t feel so guilty eating out a little or buying some things. For him it was some cigars, and for me it was more supplements and baby stuff.

If your wondering how much I spent on whole inserts overall, it was $30.00. I only placed two orders. Generally the shipping is $6.75 for priority so I did spend almost half of that on shipping. I still used more than $30 in coupons in my stock piling trip so it was still worth it.

In addition to having this stockpile, I was able to have an impromptu potluck. It was very last minute but it didn’t stress my husband and I at all. Sure we had to serve store bought cookies but people still appreciated the gesture.

Another reason why I’m stopping is because it looks like school season just started. Our household doesn’t really need school supplies (okay maybe tape) so I will hold off couponing until near black friday.




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