Vacation & Appointments

It’s hard to believe we are nearing the end of August 2016. While kids were going back to school, we went on a vacation to CA, and stayed busy taking my son to his appointments. Being busy definitely makes time fly by so fast. Having a baby makes time fly by so fast.

During the 2nd week of August we went to CA to visit my father in law. It was so much fun yet a bit stressful with a baby. I didn’t realize traveling with a baby can be stressful even with planning. Oh to top it off our car overheated on the way to CA. It also overheated on the way back. I think this is the last time we will be taking my husband’s car to CA. We will use mine or either rent a car. Nothing wrong with my car but it does not have  cruise control. I don’t mind driving but my husband is too tall to drive my honda fit.

In California we went to Sea World and Seaport Village. I have something to admit here. It was fun because we were playing pokemon go. Yes I am one of the masses who downloaded the game of the moment. It’s fun and I’m just curious how this game will affect the future of gaming. Hey if it got me, a new parent, to play while watching my infant then it is worth something to watch how it evolves.

Aside from those hot spots,  we went to other places. We didn’t eat out as much because taking the baby out can be stressful. We ate at Fig Tree Cafe for breakfast. It was definitely tasty, yet it is too expensive to be considered a new breakfast place for me. Oh yes, I forgot to mention my favorite breakfast place closed down. Usually at the end of our trip we eat at Adam’s Steak & Eggs. I always ordered corn fritters with my meal. It was always a nice way to finish our vacation. Alas, won’t be doing that anymore.

Since we came back , we have been focusing on our son. He currently has plagiocephaly & torticollis. I have been trying to schedule the appropriate specialists. It’s a little hard considering I have to look for those that specialize in children. To make matters worse, the doctors who keep diagnosing him keeps referring me to specialists not in my network. Is this the norm? It’s starting to get annoying. I can always look online and search for the right specialist for his problems instead of making sure the clinics take our insurance.

My son is doing great by the way. I will eventually post pictures soon. I have like a bajillion pictures in my phone. It’s so weird how much more I’m taking pictures because of him. His 1st year photo book will definitely have tons of pictures.



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