$1200 For Daycare

You read that right. $1200 for daycare. Daycare full time typical costs $1000-$1200 and the one that seemed to offer decent care charged on the high side. While that is not the most expensive (another really posh one cost $200 an hour), it still shocks me. I know I would be paying for someone else to watch my child, but in reality that is expensive. Even going to two days a week came out to $800 a month (lol I have no idea how they got that number). I had to say no to my boss who was willing to give me more accounts when I told her I can’t. I couldn’t afford daycare.

I’m not saying daycare is not worth the price but when parents have to decide if it’s worth if one stays at home, I now understand how some couples work hard for a parent to stay at home. Might as well have my child get the care from me, who knows their personality more, and there is no sharing of adults. Most day cares will allow 4 babies to 1 adult. Though I like that at day care my child would interact with more children around his age. I figure it’s not such a huge deal for him to not get that interaction for a year. When he starts running around I will probably go to parks, and maybe join a mommy group.

If I was making a lot of money then yes ,I would put my kid in day care. I won’t be spending as time with him as I should, I will be bringing in money that will help pay for his things, vacations, and saving for college. Yet I’m not making that kind of money to put my son in day care. Which is fine for us.


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