Avoiding The Black Sheep

The black sheep in my family is a very negative term. I know for some families the black sheep can just be someone who is different or just has different views. In mine, she’s insane. It’s my oldest sister and I do consider her the black sheep because out of all of us ( my parents had 5 kids) she has had the worse relationships and the most financial problems. Which have been all caused by her.

I’m currently not talking to her and I am fine for the most part. I feel much happier and less stress to not have her in my life. Though the guilt I feel is there. I feel a little guilty because she is my sister and I will have to just accept that she will always come and go. I don’t have the sisterly bond other siblings have. I wonder if I will come to a point where I will just have her completely out of my life? Do people have guilt? Can I be honest here? If I don’t see her for decades doesn’t make me sad. Though what makes me sad is I won’t see my nephews & niece.

Do you have a similar family member?


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