No Family Vacations This Year

My husband and I discussed this and we agreed not to take a “family” vacation this year. Maybe even next. The reasoning is we don’t have money. Actually we have money but it’s for mostly baby expenses. When I say family vacation, it’s not trips to visiting his dad but us renting a hotel room and just doing sight seeing/ or a cruise. It’s not a huge deal to us. Well to my husband it was a little of a huge deal but I kindly remind him we have other money goals such as saving for a new car for him ( his car is a 2001 Civic). One vacation we usually take is to trips to other small towns. I was actually hoping to visit Solvang CA but that will be put on hold for a while. Even our Zion trip will be put on hold. Unless we happen to come across extra money then yes we might go.

I know to him it matters. I suggest we take more sightseeing. Perhaps on our way to  CA we will go to Calico’s Ghost Town. My husband does deserve a vacation. Yes I do my equal share because I am at home with my son, but I actually enjoy being with my son. Sometimes he has bad days at work. Especially with the rumors of them getting rid of the bakery is stressful.

I need to plan some staycations.


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