Going To CrapMart Tomorrow

I’m dreading going to Super Crapmart for a number of reasons. I hate couponing there because the cashiers sometimes don’t know what to do if a coupon isn’t working and they always have to call a manager. Usually at target they “push” my coupons through. Another reason is it’s always crazy busy and the lines can get ridiculously long. It’s also stressful. I don’t know why but it’s just stressful.

I’m going though and I will be baby wearing my son. To lessen the stress I will go early in the mornings when the crowd hasn’t built up ( usually gets busy by 10am). I also have a shopping list organized by the shortest route. Normally I do my major coupon shopping at target & albertsons but this time it’s best to go the super Crapmart way. I call them crapmart for a personal reason. I hate being a vendor merchandiser for them. I could go on and on but that’s blog post.



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