Grand Openings For Stores

I never really am a grand opening type of person. When a store just opens they offer things like gift cards & free items. I normally never attend these things due to either work, and me just hating the whole shopping crowd. Which is weird considering I shop at thrift stores and they are crazy busy. Perhaps the whole mentally of people being the “first” is a big shopping mood killer for me. I decided to attend my first one at Burke’s Outlet.

I received in the mail an “invitation” to their grand opening and it included a spend $40 taken $10 off. It also included days they’re offering free gift cards to the first 150 people. Since their grand opening was on a Thursday I figured Why not. Thursday is my husband’s day off and I figure it wouldn’t be so bad compared to attending a grand opening on a weekend. My reasoning is that people normally work 9-5 jobs. Who would go to a Thursday grand opening? Seniors, casino workers ( their days off are a mix bag of weekdays off), and all type of people. At least a weekday grand opening would be a smaller crowd. I stood in line at 8:30 am, thirty minutes before opening. I got my gift card, and I wasn’t surprised that it was only  $5 (it was suppose to range between  $5 & $50). I purchased:

–  Alphabet Floor Puzzle for my son Calvin

– Tux Onesie for my son

-A Universal phone holder for my husband, his birthday is coming up

-For myself, an Olay Microdermabrasion kit

At the register It went from  $50 down to $35. It’s wasn’t too bad. Plus I really needed a floor puzzle, and I am enjoying the microdermabrasion kit.


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