Plagiocephaly Baby: First Fitting

After a few months of doctor visits, physical therapy, and fittings, my son finally has his helmet. Overall I think he is doing fine. He still can’t sleep in it but I am able to feed him. From all the medical specialists involved they said he might only need it for a few months. I hope he only needs it for a few months. I never really thought this through how it would be for us.

My husband and I didn’t realize how much we cuddle with him in terms of nuzzling on our shoulders, kissing his ears, and kissing his head. His helmet is in the way. So every time I remove it I kiss his head as much as possible. For him he is still trying to get use to the weight and the obstruction. He gets tired very quick during tummy time.

I’m a little hesitant to take him out with it on. I tell myself I really should get over that. He isn’t in pain and to be honest people will go up to him and I have to be comfortable with that. Before the helmet I’m use to people waving at him or just calling him a cutie. Now with it on I wonder if they will stare at him and wonder if there is something seriously wrong.


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