Husband’s Staycation


Near the entrance of the Springs Preserve.

Last week my husband had his first staycation. It was great! He basically took two days off next to his normal days off so it was 4 days of just us three. I mentioned in the past that due to trying to save money, spend less money, we decided to do a staycation. Staycations still cost some money for us ( our choice) but it was far less than what we would have spent if we planned for a hotel+ road trip.

It was so much easier to “plan.” Actually we planned things the night before and we were able to do them the next day. I was able to take him to places I’ve always wanted to. I think he had the most fun at the Springs Preserve.

I’m so glad we went to Springs Preserve. I told him we should get an Annual Pass since we are probably coming back. We spent literally almost 5 hours there. I know I’ve been there so many times since I volunteered for them for a year in the past but it’s nice to view the place with him and as a member. He was truly impress and understand why volunteering was fun.  We went inside the Nevada State Museum, Origen, told him about the nature exchange, and finally viewed the butterfly exhibit. He liked it so much he wants to come back soon.


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