eBay Selling: Vero On Baby Clothing “Onesies”



I received a message today from eBay. One of my baby clothing lots has been removed because I used the term “onesies” on non Gerber items. here is the link to VERO gerber. Since I am not familiar with baby clothing listings, I immediately went back to all my listings and made sure to use the alternative.

Getting VERO messages from eBay can be stressful. Luckily I have been selling for years to understand not to take it personally and go through all your listings and make the changes. Annoying yes but it is a trademark violation. I definitely do not support any form of trademark violations so learning this was good for me.

If you know someone about to get rid of their baby clothing on eBay please pass this along so their listing doesn’t get taken down. When a listing is removed from VERO it is removed permanently. So if someone made a huge lot listing with the term “Onesies” and no Gerber products all their hard work gets deleted.

Yes I am getting rid of most of my son’s 0-6M clothing. Some may say that’s a bad choice because what happens if I have another child who is a boy? Well then I will have to buy most of their clothing again. Right now my husband are still pretty much no on another baby. I did keep some clothing. I kept his coming home from the hospital outfit , and most of his character body suits.



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