Happy Thanksgiving Y’all

This year we will be celebrating thanksgiving at my sister’s house. It feels more casual than before. I’m not sure why but I should be a little anxious. Yet I’m not. Maybe because my husband and I are bringing things that are very easy to make.

I’m bringing an imitation crab salad and my husband is bringing homemade cranberry sauce and pumpkin cake. I told him to finish the main part of his cake on Tuesday so Wednesday he isn’t scrambling to perfect it. Aside from that, it’s my son’s first Thanksgiving!

I wasn’t able to find any thanksgiving bibs or outfits for him but that’s OK. He will enjoy the company. I’m pretty lucky he doesn’t go into a crying fit in a stranger’s arms. He just makes sure I’m close by and he stays pretty calm.

This year we decided to not hit black Friday. Maybe that’s why I’m not anxious too. I didn’t really plan any major shopping. Our home is pretty much stocked up with what we need and we already have a good amount of gifts for other people.


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