My New Hobby: Soap Soap Soap



These bars will go in my Family Christmas Gift Bags

I recently started a new hobby. My hobbies are generally reading, playing video games (right now still trying to enjoy Sims 3), and eating lol. My newest one is making soap. While I’m still in the melt & pour stage of crafting soaps, I would like to eventually get in to cold process soaps. It will be a while before I do.

I’ve been interested in the process for over a year now but after having my son Calvin, it had to wait until I established some free time to do it. Last month we had some free money in the budget and I bought things like molds, fragrances, and soup bases. I probably should have put the extra money in to my student loans but I really haven’t purchased anything for me. Making soap in generally is actually very cheap to do but I’m more interested in the artistry of adding fragrances, colors, and shaping them into beautiful objects.

I’m glad I started doing it now before the holidays because it will be part of the family Christmas gifts my husband makes every year. My house turns into a baking paradise during the holidays because my husband bakes cookies and breads as our family Christmas gifts. Now the gifts will be accompanied with a bag of guest size soaps. This year I’m using gingerbread as the fragrance.




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