Plagiocephaly Baby:Cleaning The Helmet


It’s been over a month now since my son wore his helmet and his head has improved tremendously. The helmet was a good choice and I’m glad my insurance approved of it. Insurance will most likely approve of it if the Orthotist or doctor can call them instead with proof of severity. My son’s case wasn’t severe but still fell into the chart of needing it.

Aside from that, cleaning it is a daily thing. While the notes his Orthotist left just said to wipe down with alcohol and to air dry, I go a little further.

My steps to cleaning his helmet

1). Wipe down with soapy water with  washcloth. I have to do this because sometimes there is tried milk or bits of food that happened to roll in there while he is lying down.

2). Blow dry on med setting until just barely damp. Usually takes 5-10 mins in this Las Vegas humidity.

3). Wipe down with a washcloth with the ends soaked in rubbing alcohol. I usually do a quick wipe down all over then gently scrub the parts that are gently indented or stained.

4). Do a quick smell test and wipe down spots that still smells stinky.

5). Air dry completely. I usually put it back on him after an hour. During that time I feed him, watch a few episodes of this favorite show, and play with him.

Cleaning the helmet is a drag in my opinion but it is crucial you clean it everyday. The rubbing alcohol is definitely drying to the hands so make sure to moisturize.By the way my son’s helmet is the one with foam so if you have something different, you might need to clean it according to the instructions.


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