Almost Done With Family Gifts


Bar mixed with my soap scraps.

This is the last soap bar I will be pouring. It’s basically a mish mash of all my mistakes. It’s all one scent so the smell is still nice. I’m so glad I’m done making them.

I’m done with my side of family gifts. All I have to do is package them nicely. I probably poured 50 pcs of soaps. Most of them guest size, all of them with fragrance and color. It was a lot of fun. I hope I will get great response from my giftees. We have 10 family/persons to give them too. So they will get 5 each , with two difference fragrances.

Honestly to a soap maker it’s probably very amateurish but my family and friends don’t care and love the effort. Plus their bathrooms will have a little color to them. Maybe next year I will give cold process soaps when I learn to make them.

Melt and pour soap is actually very cheap. I bought mine only in a 10lb block which roughly came out to $3.50 a pound. I probably easily used 5lbs of melt and pour. So easily  $20.00 if you only include the cost of the base. Not bad for family gifts. I didn’t include my equipment (which I spent close to  $100) since those are mine to keep and use all over again.  Type of equipment I bought is soap cutter, molds, fragrances, and color bases, and kitchen equipment. It’s not a cheap hobby but I’m really excited to learn more.


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