I Didn’t Shop During Black Friday

Black Friday

I’m a black Friday shopper. I always looked forward to it every year. Some years are so so and some years are pretty amazing. This year was a so so year for me.  I’m not a door-buster shopper but I do look for things I need to replace around my house. Most of the time I take advantage of sales on bedding, towels, clothing, gifts, and sometimes electronic items. This year I need more baby things than ever. Yet nothing really was a GREAT deal.  I do need a bigger car seat for my son but I’m trying to wait out for target’s baby sale which typically happens in January and July.

Deciding On Wants & Needs

I looked around my house and I don’t have to replace anything. Our bedding closet linens are in good condition, our towels still in great shape, nothing in the kitchen needs to be replaced, etc. I could probably wait another year or just look out for sales in other stores for them.

We didn’t completely ignore our want list. My husband bought himself a really nice espresso machine. He spent close to $300 for everything. For my soap supplies I spent $150.00. My husband and I discuss these purchases for weeks before taking the plunge. In reality these are things we would enjoy as hobbies. My husband loves espresso and enjoys reading about it. I have been enjoying videos on soap making and other processes.

Deals We Scored On

There was one deal I couldn’t ignore. Target had a 10% off their gift-cards. Unfortunately you can’t also get the 5% off using the Target card but it’s a great offer to take advantage of if you have friends and family who shop there often. For us we bought $200 gift-card and we will put it away for the baby sale.

Maybe next year will be better.




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