Budget Travels: Sea World Holidays

Every year we visit my Father In Law in December for the family Christmas party on my husband’s side. It’s usually thrown a couple weeks before Christmas so everyone can try to come. It’s a pretty big party and we try to help get things together. This also means we take a mini vacation. I know I said we won’t take vacations for a while but the family Christmas party doesn’t exactly count as a big vacation.

In addition to the party, we go to Sea World too. My FIL always purchases us all year tickets to Sea World so we visit it all the time. I love visiting theme parks during the holidays. The decorations they put up is always fun to see. This time my husband and I purchased all day dining. Ok he did. I pretty much mooched off him. No your not suppose to share All Day Dining but we did and it helped take the load off thinking of ways to eat cheaper. Did you want to do unethical all day dining like us?Wear long sleeves to hide your wrist bands. I wouldn’t risk All Day Dining if you are with a whole group. It was much easier to get by just sharing with my husband because it was just us two… Anyways.. Enjoy the pictures;).

My son is without his helmet. We decided to put it on only when he sleeps. So nice to snuggle without getting pounded by his helmet.

Even with the overcast the show was fun to see.

Y’all this bathroom is pretty festive. More so than some parts of the park and it’s a bathroom.

My favorite area of the parks are always the  Aquarium. So Soothing to just watch fishes and turtles swim lazily. The Christmas Village didn’t open until 3pm.

It’s always nice to see a decorated tree.


There ya go.  A Sea World Christmas/Holiday. Did you also notice anything else? The park is pretty empty. Media is saying it’s because of the documentary Black Fish their visitor rates have dropped I think 17%. I have never seen the documentary nor am I planning to ( Documentaries can be very biased) but I also think it’s the price of tickets is the reason why the drop. Their tickets are the same price as Disney tickets. If I was a family on a budget I would spend my money on Disney because they are more popular and a much larger park.



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2 thoughts on “Budget Travels: Sea World Holidays

  1. Fiscally Fit Chica December 20, 2016 at 5:33 pm Reply

    Blackfish was very enlightening. Because of watching it I will never visit Sea World again.

    • mythrifthaunt December 20, 2016 at 10:15 pm Reply

      I definitely respect your opinion. Maybe my opinion will change if I eventually watch it. I do support Sea World for their Rescue program down in CA but that’s only because my husband use to work for them and he always told me stories.

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