Remember This Goodie Show? The Torkelsons


I had a good amount of favorite shows growing up. Something about my generation and sitcoms. One of my favorites was “The Torkelsons.” The way Dorothy  Jane obsessed about Riley represents all the guys in high school. I also love her mother because she did the best that she could to raise her children. It’s too bad it ended after 2 seasons. Here is one episode that always seemed to hit home to me. While my mother didn’t make clothes she did budget the best that she could.

I remember when I was in middle school there was a dance coming up. Everyone was talking about their dress. Well I had to choose a suit to buy instead. Suits back then were cheaper for women than a dress. I ended up wearing a baby blue suit to this dance. I didn’t have a date but I went with my friends  who were also single but wore dresses. I’m not sure why it was suits I had to choose but I know it was a shop owner my mom was friends with.

That’s my blast from the past story. Come to think of it I didn’t look too bad.


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