Reasons Why I Don’t Like Celebrating My Birthday

I have this pending invitation from my not so favorite sister to have lunch with her for my birthday ( January 6). I stupidly agreed to it and already regretted my decision. I think I was willing to go so she can spend some time with my son. Immediately she suggests we plan it for the weekend instead so we can bring other family members. It’s obvious she doesn’t know me because it has been more than 5 years since there was such an outing for my birthday.

I told her immediately I don’t do group birthday for my birthday. It’s nothing personal. Ok it is for personal reasons but I wish more people would respect people who don’t like to celebrate. There are  number of reasons why but mostly it’s because it’s right after Christmas & New Year. No one really wants to celebrate and that includes me.

Another reason which no one really knows but my husband is that I had enough bad memories and experiences pertaining to my birthday. I don’t know which memory is worse, but one of them is when everybody (my “friends” included) completely forgot. For a high school girl with low self esteem, that didn’t end well with me back then. I have other bad memories but I prefer to have a nice dinner with my husband and son instead. That is what happened and I’m completely happy with it.

Another reason why is it’s with her. She is the type of person to post pictures of everything to make her life look wonderful. I’ve caught her posting other people kids she just met. Posting how wonderful and fulfilling her life when celebrating a dinner outing. Except she doesn’t realize or just fails to realize how all of us are so peeved she always bring extra people to these outings. She also posts gifts she received. Which is why I kind of stopped giving her gifts on her birthday. Why does everyone in her friend list have to know these things?

Anyways I’m 34 Y’all. I’m not a total grump. I still like receiving texts from my small group of friends and family who do take the time to call me.


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