Plagiocephaly Helmet: 2nd Month Follow Up

Last week we went to my son’s 2nd month follow up for his helmet. We were expecting his Orthotist to tell us he doesn’t have to wear his helmet anymore. Actually he gave us the option to decide if he should wear the helmet or not.

My son’s measurements didn’t change much from last time. It seems his head didn’t really grew compared to the month before that. During the first month of wearing he had a growth spurt on his head. Looks like it didn’t happen and his measurements didn’t change at all. Even though his measurements now is considered “cosmetic” as oppose to “medical” we decided to let him wear it for one more month.

I am a little bum about him having to wear it longer. It’s another month of cleaning it everyday, and pretty much having to put it on and off everyday ( this can be a struggle). I hope his head grows ok. His head is growing normally so the helmet isn’t constricting growth.

here’s to another month of helmet head for my little brood.


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