How I Financially Contributed To Our Family In 2016

In 2016 I contributed financially through numerous income streams. While these are not secrets, and pretty much everyone does it, I figured someone reading this would like to know how I contribute to my family financially. Keep in mind this works for our situation now.

  1. I work part-time as a merchandiser

    I like my job because my bosses are relax and they in return respect my worth ethic. It’s not something I would do full time (they don’t offer full time anyways) but if you are looking for a second income I suggest searching for jobs in your area as a merchandiser. It’s also a great way to learn how major chain stores get stocked.

    Another benefit is it can be very flexible. The way my company works allows a very flexible schedule. The hours given depend on how many stores they give me but as of now I have 3 small stores. That works great for me since I do take care of my son when my husband is at work.

  1. I sell on eBay as a used clothing seller

    The market for used clothing is saturated yet I am able to buy clothing cheap in return selling them for a profit. I do this mostly in between when my husband watches my son, and in between my son’s naps. I do enjoy this for the most part.Working for yourself allows for a flexible schedule but relies heavily on your willingness to find time and motivation.

    I’m a one woman show by doing all the inventory shopping, listing, packaging, and taxes. I’m always subconsciously research what is selling and not selling. My phone is pretty much glued to my hand when I’m at the store. It can feel tedious at times but the income this produces puts a smile on my face since it’s MY hard work.

  2. I purge my home of unwanted goods by selling on eBay

    I try to make it a habit to go around my house and list things I think can sell. In 2016 it was mostly DVDs, baby clothes, cooking utensils, my wardrobe, books from college, jewelry etc. I also sold gifts I received from people that I know won’t be hurt if I did that.

  3. Dabbled in Swagbucks

    This was fun and I only did this when I felt like doing it. I know some people on Reddit who manages to earn hundreds per month but I never got to that point. This year I probably won’t do it so much since I will be working my merchandising job more.

I now bring in $1,000-$1,200 a month doing all this. I know it’s not enough to live on but that is a nice chunk of change monthly. Most of this goes to pay my personal loans (mostly student and credit cards) and my side of the bills ( car insurance ) and my baby son’s food and things too. I’m hoping this year I will start contributing to our savings more.


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