Is This A Potential Frugal Fiasco? Cutting My Own Hair


Ok Y’all. I haven’t cut my own hair yet but I am planning too. I also shared this youtube video to show what I am planning to do. Seems easy right? I will let you know how it will go when I actually do it. I am going to do it because I even bought shears for it.

I know what you are thinking. Am I really that cheap that I decided to cut my own hair? Not exactly. While the savings did pique my interest it’s more of a convenience for me. You see I haven’t been to the salon in over 6 months. It’s always on my to do list but it’s also always being pushed down my list of priorities. Plus I’ve always been the cheap salon girl so I never get the same person ( my theory is they get better and move to a “real” salon).

After quitting my “real” job almost 4 years ago I stopped going to a “real” salon. It wasn’t in my budget plus my part time job now doesn’t require me to look styled 24-7. Also My husband likes his woman like he likes his food… simple and no fuss. This includes the way I take care of myself. It just makes sense to downgrade salons at that point. I still get my hair cuts a few times a year but at one of those who give out coupons in the mail. It’s not so bad. To be honest the cheaper salon already knew I was a no fuss kind of girl so they understood I just wanted simple hair cuts and off I go.

The trouble now is by the time I have the feeling of ” I should cut my hair” it’s always at an inconvenient time. Which is when I’m home alone with my son. I don’t have the convenience of dropping him to a family member or friend ( they are all working). By the time my husband came home the need to “cut my hair” is long gone and forgotten.

Another reason is I know my own hair. Since they are forever changing stylists, they always mention how I should use so and so product to help with my dandruff. I get tired of this because I already am. While it doesn’t work 100% it works 80%. With me cutting my own hair I can take my time as well. If I do mess up I can always go to the salon but since I always have my hair in a messy bun I will probably end up waiting to do that too.

I admit I only cut my own hair once. It was when I was in high school and it turned out good. Except I didn’t use good scissors so I got split ends really fast. This time I’m a little more prepared. The funny thing is the shears I bought is still sitting in the box unopened.


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