“It’s Go Time”

Some time 5 years ago after a normal work day I notice my boss left her phone. I only realized she left it in the box of diamonds in the safe and the alarm was going off. She did this a couple of times and I was amused because each time it went off it would say “It’s Go Time.” She definitely isn’t my favorite person in the world ( She was very emotionally high maintenance) but I admired her for that.

It seemed that she would set her alarm 2 hours before her shift would start with that message. I asked her about it and she would reply in her  sweet with a hint of crazy voice “that’s how you make money for the store is with that attitude before you come in.” Crazy right? Yes but having that mind set is why go getters succeed.

I’m bringing this up because I’m inching closer to being productive. At the end of the week I have been writing in my planner ( Which I picked up at Home Goods) on things I want to do, need to get done, and have been achieving most of them. By doing this it helps me by being less anxious on what’s to come and achieving what I plan. I also try to focus on the rewards of my efforts instead of getting there. Am I writing “It’s Go Time?” Nope but I try to start my week off with a peppier attitude as oppose to thinking ” Please let it be over.”

It’s almost the middle of the week and I’m starting the week off with decent ebay sales ( from my weekend of listing), and more hours at work for this week. I’m hoping to end this week with a trip to the Springs Preserves with my husband and son.


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