Ebay: Using Social Media

I recently signed up for instagram. Here is a link to my account sexysizelarge. This instagram account is only for my eBay store. I must be under a rock because this is the only time I’m using social media to link to my store. Why Sexysizelarge ? Well I felt like I needed to niche this account to target a certain audience.

You see I sell women’s clothing on eBay and it’s been doing enough for me. I’m not the poster child for inspiration to quit your job but the income eBay brings is great for my family. My husband is the “bread & butter” so I bring the “bacon” when I can. Now sales have been down from when I started and I have myself to blame. When our son was born my time was for him. Now I’m at the point where I can focus more on eBay.

Sexysizelarge is just some of the clothing I post in sizes L or up. I’m hoping to eventually to gain more followers if I keep my account updated. Large sizes has always been my top selling category. I’m also a size large gal myself so I definitely know the feeling of disapointment when it is always sold out. Which is why I created the account to target basically MY type of audience.


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