Donating EBay Duds

I recently donated a bunch of bags and boxes to the Veterans of  America. You know the one that sends you a bag through the mail to donate to them. It’s my first time donating to them and it’s so easy.

I get this envelope with a large yellow plastic bag to put my donations in. The date they usually pick up is printed on the front envelope. I make sure to note the donation date and place all my donations outside for pick up. Then they eventually pick up the donations between 8:30-5pm. Easy Peasy.

I ended up donating a bunch of eBay duds to them. It’s basically dead inventory from my eBay store. While I consider them duds, they might not be duds to their customers. Hey another man’s trash is another man’s treasure.  I can’t wait to donate more. I know I could just call them but I’d like to be more prepared with more things for them to pick up. It feels like I lost money but this would encourage me to buy smarter.

I currently have an inventory of over 1100 items and I really don’t want that much inventory sitting for months. Actually I’m embarrass to say I have some inventory sitting for over 16 months. I realize I need to cut my loss and clear them off.



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