Goodwill Clearance Pound Store

Last week I went to the nearby Goodwill Clearance center AKA “Pound Store” among resellers. It’s been over probably two years since I went and I’m planning to go again this week. Changes made to my location now is that they now roll out more clothing bins as oppose to hard goods. Now they are also open 7am. I am going to go in bright and early tomorrow. Wish me luck Y’all.

Shopping at the pound store is definitely stressful. If you are more of the organize shopper then no this place is not for you. I stopped years ago because I found better stuff at my local goodwill stores on dollar days. Now though since I am trying to streamline my eBay business I’m changing the way I shop. Since I can’t just go shopping when I want to ( I don’t like to take my son to the thrift store) I settled on shopping at this place again because I am on a budget plus I can go on my husband’s day off.

Last week I did leave with 50lbs of things for about  $40.00. The most I’ve ever carried out of that store. I was able to go home with brands such as Leatherocks, Alfani, Ralph Lauren, etc. I hope I sell some of them soon. eBay has been pretty slow for March for me.


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