Plan To Quit My Part Time Job

My husband and I have been discussing me leaving my part time job. I know my eBay income has improved dramatically since I started focusing on it more but will it last? That’s always the mentality of someone who is frugal.

My part time job isn’t very much hours but I do like the flexibility. Lately it has begun being a place I’m starting to dread going in. Which is why if I can get eBay to replace the income it brings, I would happily turn in my resignation.Yet there is so much things we want to do that it involves money. It makes leaving any type of steady income hard.

I have to also put things in perspective. This part time job really doesn’t have any benefits. I’m not even qualified for their 401K plan ( Well I am but I make so little It’s not worth putting money in). Plus it’s really starting to interfere with family time with my boys (husband and baby).

You see I can only source for inventory on my husband’s day off. Now I’m spending his days off either sourcing or at work. I know most families don’t get that much time with each other, but that’s not something my husband and I want. We really enjoy spending time with each other and if there is a viable way to do it then it should be done.

I’m not going to quit tomorrow. I’m thinking closer to the holidays is when I want it to happen. Plus I would give a month’s notice (my usual notice) so my managers can find and train someone.


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