Weekend Getaway & Anxiety

We are going away for a couple of days to Lake Havasu. My eBay business has definitely brought in some money and it’s nice to spend a small chunk of it on a much needed weekend getaway. I know I said it before we are saving for a car but I’m hoping this mini vacation will help my husband.

You see his anxiety has gotten worse recently. My husband has adult ADD and he is not taking any medication. He has gone off it for ten years at least. It was his personal choice not to take it and for the past ten years he did pretty good. Except his anxiety has gotten worse over the past few weeks. I have told him we can find a therapist. He doesn’t want to see one so I have to respect that. I know it’s because he doesn’t want to go back to the medication. I told him seeing a therapist doesn’t mean he has to go back on medication. A therapist can help him cope with his anxiety without being medicated.

Even though I have known him for 9 years, I can not comfortable say I understand adult ADD. I know him for sure but it’s not like I have the right to say I understand adult ADD. Which is why I’m willing to look for a therapist for him. I’m not a professional so speaking to one may even give me a better understand on how to help my husband when he is stressed. Though I have to respect his decision now to not see one. I told him if it is starting to affect our relationship negatively then maybe he should see one. He is slowly starting to warm up to the idea.

Aside from this, I’m pretty much just trying to work and take care of my son. He is doing well and has recently gone through a growth spurt. I can tell because he eats and sleeps more. Plus his hair is starting to grow faster. I hope Y’all have a good week.


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One thought on “Weekend Getaway & Anxiety

  1. Fiscally Fit Chica April 23, 2017 at 7:19 pm Reply

    I have adult ADD and it’s hard. I’m not taking medication but my Psychiatrist wrote me a prescription. He told me to take it only on days I really need it, like days I work. Therapy has been a godsend for me. I go once a week since having a bipolar episode a few months ago. I’m definitely agreeable to medicine though, for me combined wig therapy.

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