My Car, And Slump Of Sales

I’m experiencing the summer slump of sales eBay. At first I started to miss the extra money my former part time job brought in then I just realized I didn’t get much hours in the summer either. Which is why I’m thankful we have a small savings account for unexpected expenses.

It’s so hot right now that I haven’t been thrifting out as much. I purchased a small wholesale lot from a well respected instagram reseller and it will be on its way soon. Which means I have to list everything else before it comes. Besides that part of my life, my car has been having trouble.

As of now we probably put in nearly $650 on it for a bunch of testing and repairs. Ouch… we paid it and now I’m more confident in driving my car. It turned off while we were at a stop sign. My anxiety definitely showed up. I didn’t realize how much anxiety when I had my son with me. See if I was by myself I tend to not worry. Yet with a baby in the back, I started to worry. I didn’t have my AAA card and it was hot outside. Worse time to be stuck like that. Luckily my husband was with me and there was a gas station nearby. My car started eventually and we immediately brought it to our auto mechanic. It was bunch of things like the battery, and something with the electrical, plus we needed to replace brake pads too. Now I make sure to have my AAA card with me.


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2 thoughts on “My Car, And Slump Of Sales

  1. Kitty's Closet And More July 3, 2017 at 5:22 am Reply

    I’ve had a MAJOR slump !!! When did sales pick up again last year?? Eek

    • mythrifthaunt July 10, 2017 at 8:29 pm Reply

      I don’t think eBay slows down but becomes more saturated through time. So its more competition to look out more.

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