eBay Sales, New Car, Random Updates

Just a note: I’m actually more active on my instagram page maithriftsthings. Click there to see my latest post.

My latest post on Instagram was me posting my numbers on eBay & Poshmark. My numbers were great in my opinion. Most of those items sold were stuff I’ve been trying to get rid of so I sold them at cost plus fees. Aside from my reseller life, we bought a new (used) car, and finally had our first meeting for a therapist.

On eBay my total sales (does not minus fees, shipping, taxes, etc) was $2470.00 I’m REALLY happy with that number because that means my profit after said fees, shipping, and taxes) is usually 50% or 60% of whatever I sell. So let’s just say I profitted $1,250.00 Much needed profit for the new used car we bought (eBay also pays my side of bills such as insurances, and etc).

Yup… we bought a car for my husband. Actually we bought a minivan. My husband car was a 2001 Honda Civic and it was just getting costly to fix. Plus with our growing family, we wanted something bigger. Could we afford it? Well to be honest no. I still had my student loans to pay off. The car payment is roughly $300.00 a month…except it’s for 72 months. It’s not super expensive but why would we get a loan for 72 months? Couldn’t we just get a car that’s $200 a month? Sure but to be honest we have been talking about getting a minivan for a while now. Plus I have been putting $500-$700 in the savings account based on the profits of reselling. The 72 months gave us the better rate of 2.5 percent . I’m hoping we can pay this off earlier though. We are talking about paying $350 instead of $300 a month to speed off paying it off.

Another thing I want to mention was that we finally saw the consultant at the Mental Health place for my husband. It went well and she referred us to a licensed therapist who has dealt with people who are suffering the same depressive episodes. She doesn’t think my husband needs medication right now but it’s for the other therapist to really do a better diagnosis. She is a licensed therapist too but she feels the other one would be a better fit. It’s a therapy sessions for us for the next couple of months and I am happy. My husband is happy too and feels he should have done this sooner.



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