We Are Emotional Beings

Quick blog today. I just wanted to blog about something my husband’s therapist said that really resonated with me. “We are emotional beings trying to be rational, which doesn’t always make sense to do.” That’s the gist of it. There was definitely more to that saying but hearing it really made me think. This struggle to be “Happy” probably is really everyone trying to be rational, and maybe trying to be seen as normal.

There is always this need for everybody from all walks of life just trying to make it day by day. Even people like me who is seemingly happy does need therapy to truly understand what I need and want. I’m not the one seeing a therapist but there are times I wish I could speak to one to truly understand why I behave the way I do and how to effectively live my life. Then again I am an emotional being trying to be rational. No one always lives their life effectively as possible.

As for my husband, yes its sessions for a while. I’m glad his therapist suggested he sees him one on one. My husband really wanted me to be there but it didn’t felt right to me.I know we generally don’t keep secrets from each other but I shouldn’t be the only outlet for him to deal with what’s going on with him. If you just happened to click by, my husband has been having anxiety and depressive episodes. Which may or may not have any relations to his childhood ADD. His therapist seems to think so though.


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