How I Financially Contributed To Our Family In 2017

This post is very similar to Last Year’s “How I financially contributed to our family in 2016.”

In 2017 I contributed financially through numerous income streams. While these are not secrets, and pretty much everyone does it, I figured someone reading this would like to know how I contribute to my family financially. Keep in mind this works for our situation now.

  1. I work part-time as a merchandiser
     I quit that job I think in May. While I do like having a job outside of my home, I wasn’t enjoying it as much as I use to. Plus it was better for my family as a whole to work on my eBay business. More family time makes me happy.
  2. I sell on eBay as a used clothing seller.                                                                                My sales in 2017 amounted to 23,000. That’s amazing considering I didn’t fully work on it until the middle of 2017.
  3. I purge my home of unwanted goods by selling on eBay.
    We do this routinely. We frequently donate to the Veterans of America who comes by bimonthly.
  4. I opened a poshmark account and started selling there too.
    I haven’t really given much time to poshmark but this year it’s one of my goals to put time in to poshmark. I made a couple hundred dollars last year but that’s because I barely had anything on it. Let’s hope this year I do better.
  5. I sent dead inventory to thredup.                                                                                      Last year I think I sent a total of 8 bags full of bad inventory. I got $200 in December which came in handy during our vacation. I will be doing the same this year and hopefully I won’t be buying the same crap again.

This year I hope to sell more since I don’t think I will try to find a part time job again. Having a job isn’t bad but it’s more beneficial mentally, and economically for me to keep “working” at home.


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