When Hands On Experience Is Key: Online Reselling

Resellers get a bad rap when they start peddling information to make money. There is so much free information out there to weed through that you never know who is BSing you or not. I was actually shocked today when I clicked on a well known reseller’s link and they were literally peddling information for $6,000. Like for real?! Do you realize how much inventory you can buy with that?

I have actually purchased other reseller’s information on selling on line but I clearly have been following them for at least 6 months or more, and their niche is similar to mine.  I wouldn’t purchase information anymore because the hands on failure I do experience is definitely worth more.

So before you start buying information I think you should ask yourself if that money is time well spent. Will spending that certain about of money really give you information you can find for yourself?


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