Appreciating The Mundane

On our “weekend” we had very boring days. Our weekends are usually on my husband’s days off and on weekdays. This weekend it was particularly boring. Well it was boring to most but to us, we call it a good weekend.

On day 1 we dropped my son to a drop in day care ( don’t need to schedule a day but just as long as there availability). During that time my husband and I went to the nearest coffee shop and discuss random things such as youtube stars over chai tea lattes and ice water. Then we just walked around window shopping boutiques. Then we pick up my son after a couple of hours and headed home for his nap. The rest of the day was spent watching a ridiculous amount of TV reruns.

On day 2 my husband didn’t feel like making breakfast so I suggest we hit up a breakfast buffet. So we ate at our favorite one and then did some grocery shopping. Of course went home in time to play with my son and put him down for his nap. The rest of the day was me spent listing and my husband playing on his phone and watching TV.

We watch a ridiculous amount of TV if you consider youtube, internet, and netflix time. You know what? It’s ok not to always live exciting lives or to not live exciting lives. If I can tell you nothing out of the ordinary happened then that’s ok. If you feel like your life is boring then you should appreciate it or at least try to change something. I know many people who just want to have “boring” days. No days of fighting, no days of trying get rid that feeling of FOMO (god I hate that acronym, fear of missing out).

Since our “weekend” is practically over I wish you all a good weekend and enjoy the simplest things in life.



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