Cross listing On Poshmark From eBay

I started to cross list my items more from eBay to poshmark and I’m happy with the results. I assure you I know the consequences of cross listing on different platforms.


1) I can lose my account if I get repeats of having item “not in stock” if an item sells at the same time.

2) It can ruin my sales ratio which can make me look like I’m not selling very much and put it closer to the bottom of the search engine. This is due to me deleting items if it sells.

3) You can get a bunch of crazies who will report you/harass for selling on different platforms. Even if you are managing sales well.

Those are three very big reasons why most people don’t like cross listing. Another reason is the inventory management. Since I manage a relatively small eBay store and an even smaller poshmark store, it’s been ok for me. It’s actually one of the reasons why I decided to cross list/post because I didn’t want to have to separate my inventory. If you are wondering how it’s going, well I notice an increase in traffic to my eBay store, and the extra sales on poshmark is nice.

Of course I don’t tell poshers I have another account but I think some of them search for my item and know it’s the same picture and price, they assume it’s the same. My username is very similar as well. How do I know this? People are a creature of habit and do the same. Their username on posh is similar on ebay. They basically like my item on posh then I look if a name is obviously similar, I know that person found that item through poshmark but probably didn’t want to pay the flat rate shipping on poshmark.

I’ll probably blog more about cross listing in the future. This is something new to me so please don’t assume I know everything about cross listing. I will be happy to answers questions if I know the answer.


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